A number of committees and working parties are convened to consider specific issues, under the direction of the Executive and Board. Issues developed at these meetings are referred back to the Board for endorsement.

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07 December 2018 Board Meeting

07 September 2018 Board Meeting

29 June 2018 Board Meeting

LGA Consultation on Ancillary Documents to LGA Constitution 

Location:  New Whyalla Hotel same space used for Engineering & Works Committee
Type of meeting:   A working Dinner / workshop facilitated by Angela Hazelbrook, UPRS
Who should attend:  Mayors and CEO’s
Time:  6pm – 9pm for Dinner / Workshop

Workshop Background (Refer to LGA  Circular 21.9):-

Following extensive consultation with the local government sector, a proposed new LGA Constitution was adopted by 80% of those LGA Members present and voting at the LGA Ordinary General Meeting held on 13 April 2018. 

The new LGA Constitution

  • Establishes a contemporary corporate governance framework enabling the LGA’s contribution to public value through the promotion and advancement of the interests of local government.
  • Maintains Member participation and establishes a strong emphasis on collaborative councils, assisted by a strong LGA.
  • Provides a focus on leadership and advocacy at all levels: state-wide, regional and individual members.
  • Streamlines and integrates consistent engagement and resourcing across the system.
  • Delivers a more efficient structure for LGA decision making with a smaller LGA Board of Directors (10 members), and regional structures with aligned strategic and annual planning processes and budgets.
  • Ensures key expert advice to the LGA and the sector through a commercial enterprise board(s), CEO advisory group and LGA Audit Committee.  These structures future proof the Association.

The new LGA Constitution together with transitional provisions are now being referred to the Minister for approval.

Ancillary Documents

A key feature of the proposed new Constitution is a suite of ancillary documents that outline various procedures to operationalise the new LGA Constitution:

Drafting of the Ancillary Documents is largely complete, and a process of consultation with member Councils is now being implemented.  It is intended that they will be presented to the October 2018 LGA Annual General Meeting for consideration by member Councils. 

The process of consultation is as follows:

Release of the draft Ancillary Documents via LGA Circular seeking any preliminary feedback councils may have regarding their content.  Refer to the attached documents together with a copy of the new Constitution has adopted at the 13 April Ordinary General Meeting. 

A series of workshops to be held across SAROC and MLGG councils to facilitate your input to the development of the Ancillary Documents, including a focus on:

a) Identification of regions for inclusion as a schedule to the Membership Proposition.
b) Membership rights and obligations, as well as the LGA obligations.
c) Nominations and election processes to the Board of Directors, SAROC and GAROC and the CEO Advisory Group including the counting of votes.
d) Strategic and annual business planning and budgeting for SAROC and GAROC.
e) General meeting procedures.
f) Any other matter councils wish to raise.

Further details of workshop dates will be forwarded shortly.  Note also that the suite of Ancillary Documents as amended with feedback provided by the next round of consultation will be presented to the October Annual General Meeting for member Council consideration.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback regarding the attached draft Ancillary Documents, please forward this to Andrew Johnson via email andrew.johnson@lga.sa.gov.au by Friday 30 June 2018.

27 February 2018  Board Meeting

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