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EPLGA conducted an Expression of Interest process and the community has confirmed to us that the barriers to the take up of rooftop solar are:

1. The upfront capital cost
2. Confusion and trust about products
3. Lease/rent arrangements

To overcome these barriers, Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) have:

• Conducted reviews of existing Local and State Government schemes from across Australia, and
• Consulted with independent solar and battery industry and technical professionals.

We have now developed a comprehensive community solar scheme that provides quality long term solutions, finance, lease and rent solutions while ensuring a fair and competitive solar industry.

Providers for the EPLGA Community Solar Scheme have had to meet the following four criteria:

1. Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer
2. South Australian Government Home Battery Scheme provider for the Eyre Western Area
3. Approved by by the South Australian Local Government Association Procurement Solar/Battery Vendor Panel or previously approved by an Eyre Peninsula Local Council
4. Be a South Australian based company

The EPLGA is confident that the nominated Community Solar Scheme providers will provide you with a quality rooftop solar or solar/battery system at a fair price with after sales service and warranty.  Where possible, local contractors will be used to do the installation.  You will be provided with up to three quotes – the company you choose is up to you.

The EPLGA Community Solar Scheme will:

1. Incorporate finance solutions so you can get started with rooftop solar and be no worse off.
2. Provide quality advice – cutting through the confusion, you will only get quotes you can count on being of good quality from reliable companies.
3. Provides choice – you can choose your preferred provider.
4. Address the rent/lease conundrum of who pays and who gets the benefit.

The EPLGA is able to defray some of the costs of the Community Solar Scheme and reinvest into the region by charging solar providers a small fee if we send them your quote request.  This service is provided free of charge to Eyre Peninsula residents.  The EPLGA receive this fee regardless if you buy from the company or not.  The EPLGA remains independent. Your contact information will only be used to get a solar quote and will not be used for any other purpose.  The EPLGA Privacy Statement is provided here

EPLGA will continue to lobby that all installation work flows through to existing local electricians, that all work is completed in a timely manner, is quality, at a fair price, and that information provided is up to date.