The Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association (EPLGA) is a membership organisation which provides quality service and leadership relevant to the needs of member Councils.

The value of EPLGA has historically been mostly limited to providing a united voice for Member Councils keen to advocate on legislation and policy changes made by other spheres of government and to lobby collectively on such issues.  This primary role has largely been unchanged since the organization began in 1938. In more recent years, the pressures on member Councils arising from the need for a much higher standard of governance, risk management, planning and reporting, community engagement and the broadening of core duties has meant that EPLGA also has a growing role in assisting in coordinating a range of activities seeking efficiencies for Councils at the operational level.
Membership of the Association is voluntary. The EPLGA is primarily funded by member subscriptions, and member Councils receive many direct and indirect benefits as a result of being a member of the Association.


The EPLGA’s vision is to be a strong voice and forum for the delivery of community services across Eyre Peninsula


Services provided to member Councils by the EPLGA are determined by members through the EPLGA Board and General Meetings.

Decision Making

Meetings of the Board will be held at such time and such place as the Board decides subject only to the requirement that there will be at least four meetings in a calendar year, with at least one meeting held in every three month period.  A special meeting of the Board may be held at any time.

The EPLGA provides assistance, advice and support to Councils across an increasingly broad range of areas. It is therefore important that the Association sets priorities to meet the needs of all our members. These priorities are not set in stone. As the needs and priorities of Councils, communities and other governments change the EPLGA must have the flexibility to respond appropriately.

Keeping Members Informed

Providing members with up-to-date information is a key priority for the Association. Member Councils are kept informed of matters of importance via personal contact, emails and working group meetings.


To best serve the needs of its members, the Association is governed by the EPLGA Board. The eleven member Board consists of Council Members, usually Mayors and Chairpersons who are elected to represent their individual Council.  Agendas and Minutes for each EPLGA Board meeting can be found on this website.
For more information about the EPLGA, including its Annual Report, Charter and Management Plan, and membership of the Board please select the appropriate links on this website.

The EPLGA has an office at 89 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln SA, phone 08 8682 6588.

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